I’ve been working in my studio today, well, half a day… Sort of. Working on some stuff for Department S. I have had a studio at home for a few years in which I record demos and work on remixes etc.

It’s a really basic setup based round a Pentium PC that I put together myself. I run a Pro Tools LE system which is pretty limited on the track count but that’s a good thing for me as it stops you getting carried away. Along side Pro Tools I run Reason v3 that syncs perfectly and gives me unlimited tracks of soft synth, samplers, loop machines as well as lots of processing and mastering effects. I can’t speak highly enough of this programme, the latest version is even better but I haven’t tried that yet. I don’t have a massive army of plug ins either, it’s a good discipline not to rely on the wizardry sometimes, just get the job done focussing on recording a decent signal… It’s easy really!

I only need the two inputs on my MBox for inputting guitars, bass and vocals so no recording a whole band for me… It’s great for songwriting but I’ve released loads of stuff recorded on it for The Creepy Dolls and Pete & Charlie.

I use a sansamp DI for bass which is another great piece of kit, perfect for laying down solid bass parts, if you record bass at all, get one!

So, expect to hear some new stuff soon… Keep tuned fuckers!

Tip #2 If you are paying for studio time, don’t waste it trying to write songs, get all that shit done before hand and make sure all ya gear works!