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If you are planning to go to Rebellion festival in Blackpool this year, here’s a little game you can play should you get bored waiting for your favourite bands to appear: just award yourselves points for each of the following that you spot in or around the venue

1 Point

Bondage trousers black
Studded leather wrist band
Sex Pistols T Shirt
Leather jacket studded
Green hair on female
Anyone too fat for a T shirt
Tattooed hands

2 Points

Mohican haircut
Peroxide hair
Tartan bondage pants
Sid Vicious style padlock neck chain
Safety pin
Dr Martens
Any band member seen trying to attract attention in public bar

3 Points

Anyone wearing merch stall t shirt
Anyone wearing more than 3 separate neck chains
White bondage pants
Green dyed hair on male
Neck Tattoo (extra point if it’s a band name)

4 Points

Any hand made original clothing items
Original Vivienne Westwood items
Anyone puking outside (1 extra point if indoors)
Sid clone

5 points

Anyone under 20 who looks original, different to anyone else and couldn’t give a fuck.

Double points for any item on a performing band member