At long last, 9 months in the making, the new Department S album is complete and I have sent files for mastering by Pete Maher who has mastered tracks for some great bands over the years. Just waiting on sleeve design then we’re done! Some pre release promo copies will be available shortly.

When All Is Said and All Is Done

It’s a 10 track full length album, to be released by our good selves on my JAM UK label both digitally and In good old CD format. A limited edition vinyl release is planned for later in the year.

It’s an album with a few surprises, there are tracks that we have been playing live over the past year, some brand new tracks and a couple of studio tracks as I call them where we have pushed things in a different direction. We have a great contribution on saxophone by Sean Freeman who plays with Level 42 amongst others. All in all, it’s a complete work, and as producer, I took responsibility for the overall sound as well as writing for the album. There are some interesting sounds weaves in amongst the traditional guitars bass drums format and I have put some musical references in some songs that will be interesting to see if anyone spots them!

We managed to make this on a very tight budget, mixing at home allowed us to greatly reduce recording costs, the technology nowadays is superb and very powerful, but it was still a challenge to get everything sounding right.

Phil Thompson on guitars, Alexander Lutes on drums and Eddie Roxy on vocal duties made massive contributions to the songwriting and playing and it will be great to get it out there.

Tonight, we are playing our first gig of the year supporting The Godfathers along with Eight Rounds Rapid who I’ve seen before and are rather good. This all takes place at The Garage London which is a venue I like. Plenty more gigs through the year are planned so get out there!