Department S News

Check in here to catch up on the latest Department S news, gigs and gossip.

Planned gigs for 2014

Rebellion Festival Blackpool 7/8/9/10 August. Department S will be playing Friday on The Pavillion stage, due on at 6pm. It’s a bit early, but that gives us plenty of after show time to hang and meet a few people. No doubt have a couple of beers too. Come and say hello if you see us, help carry me home if it gets out of hand!

We may well be playing as a four piece for this gig, Herbage has a new arrival due around this time and he might be getting a bit twitchy!

Undercover Festival Woking 19/20/21 September, another weekend fest, there seems to be so many of these around which is great. We are playing the Main stage Saturday supporting Penetration, UK subs and Spear of Destiny. Should be a good weekend, once again, come say hello and buy me a beer, it’s my birthday on the 22nd.


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